Home made recipies

MJ Restaurant

An authentic dining experience

Palms Villa Michael Jackson “THIS IS IT” themed restaurant open for all the guests with open Kitchen so you can see your food cooked in front of you. All the food is home made including Bread rolls to pizza dough, cakes to deserts. Fish and seafood fresh from the famous Negombo Fish Market.

Freshly Cooked

All the Food is freshly cooked using all the local ingredients.

Everything Home Made

Careful attention to perfection the taste. Hand touch to give the smoothest and an authentic dining experience for all your visitors.

Open Kitchen

An open kitchen where you can see how your food is made to with best hygene, clean and taste.

Locally Produced

All the meat and vegetable are locally grown. Fish and Seafood are from the famous Negombo Fish Market.

Very tasty

Homely experience

never forget to taste our sea food menu

The Seafood we cook are freshly brought from the famous Negombo Fish Market and cooked freshly in our open kitchen using Sri Lankan and locally grown vegetables, spices and ingredients.