We are eco living

Green Leader

An environment friendly stay

We at Palms Villa extremely care about the nature. Equiped all the neccessary requrements we ensure your stay here will be fully Echo Friendly.


Recycle of plastic bottles, glass, and metal.
Kitchen waste disposable unit.


Reusable bottles for Cola and beers.
20 LTR refillable water bottles with cooler for refilling water bottles.
No plastic bags used in rooms as bin liners. We use only reusable shopping bags.


LED light throughout the Villa.
Rechargeable batteries used in controls.
Eco Electrical fridge/ Freezer.
Email bill system from all companies, 0 post or printing.
Paper less checking in system.
Electrical and water monitoring system in place.
Solar hot water system.
Growing of fruit trees, flowers and pants.


Rain water harvesting.
Waste food kept separately for use of pet’s dog and rabbits and bread waste for wild birds.

Very tasty

Homely experience

never forget to enjoy our saltwater pool

The only salt water pool in the city will give you a great refreshment after your long journey and dont forget to take a Jaccuzzi massage as well. We have installed an electrical water monitoring system and a Solar pannel to ensure its echo friendly.