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We at Palms Villa never forget our part of the responsibility that we have to do unto others. We took the inetiative of helping the single parent and ophen children residing in the Childrens' Homes.

There are a number of children who are single parent or no parents all around the country who needs a proper education and living conditions. so we took the innitiative to make it a little easy for them to step up with a proper education. As a mark of the begining we have fully renovated the bakery of the don bosco childrens' home and donated a tuk tuk for transportation. further we have given them free education of bakery.

this was successfully completed as we got a noticeble amount of donations from the palms villa guest. so we thought it is the high time to take this even further by letting our beloved customers possibility to donate trough our website. please not all the donations will go to don bosco childrens' homes situated all arround the country and we plams villa will take the responsibility of all the donations you make.

please click the link bellow and enter the amount you like to donate to these needy children in the "don bosco room" in the reservation window.

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Renovation Details

We have renovated the entire kitchen of the Don Bosco Children's Home with an expence of Rs.

Furthure to this we have installed brand new and latest technology kitchen machinery. A Bread Oven, Pizza Oven and entire set of equipments that they need for the bakery products.

Furthering the support, we were able to give a tuk tuk to the home for their transportation of every kind. since they had not have a proper low budget vehicle for the transporation they had to spend heavily on transport in daily basis.

This secured the jobs of many children residing in the home and a save of money worth mentioning.

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